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Headshot KAJ-web Kevin A. Jones, CFA, Principal

Harmonic Investment Advisors was founded to pursue the mission of creating and managing, in an environment of integrity, long-term investment portfolios that are optimally structured to suit each client’s unique circumstances.

Harmonic leverages substantial proprietary intellectual capital into portfolio management for private and institutional clients.  Flexibility and scalability in the development and management of “globally diversified but locally managed” portfolios is a hallmark of Harmonic’s platform and stands as an example of our commitment to effectively attending to the needs of the investing public.

  • Harmonic’s principal is “value” oriented investor, classically trained to look for quality investments that are “on sale”. HIA never has and will never chase trends or follow fads, having demonstrated the discipline required of successful value investors.
  • The Principal has managed over $650 Million in both equity and fixed income portfolios, so HIA able to address a broad range of client needs, from extremely conservative clients requiring income and portfolio stability, to very aggressive clients preferring heavy exposure to the stock markets.
  • Harmonic’s preferred clients are those who understand that investing is a long-term endeavor, not a short-term game. Harmonic does not “buy and hold” but invests strategically with a multi-year time horizon. Day traders and those looking for a “hot stock tip” will not be a good fit for the firm.
  • Harmonic wholeheartedly believes in the power of asset allocation as the most effective vehicle for maximizing risk-adjusted return and insists on a diversified, methodical approach to reaching client goals.
  • Most importantly, the firm is first and foremost about providing the level of client service, from the ethical and intellectual perspectives, that the Principal found lacking elsewhere. Also, they enjoy the work of investing and serving clients and will create an environment reflective of that.

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