Harmonic Portfolio Allocations

At Harmonic, we manage portfolios for our clients that use both active and passive securities.

Asset Allocation Portfolios

Our asset allocation portfolios use passive exchange traded funds that provide a cost effective way to participate in each market segment and has been built to suit each individual investor’s risk tolerance.  We offer six portfolio allocations that are continually managed and periodically rebalanced to take advantage of our proprietary research. The goal of the asset allocation portfolios is to outperform the benchmark relevant to each client’s risk/return profile with a minimum of cost and maximum transparency.

Strategies include:

Aggressive Growth



Conservative Balanced


Income Preservation

Stock and Bond Portfolios

Harmonic also manages two proprietary actively traded stock and bond strategies.  These are reserved for those clients wishing to have more active money management for a portion of their overall portfolio with the potential to out-perform relative benchmarks within these strategies.

US Large Cap Value stock- invests in large US companies found in the Russell 1000 stock index

US Smid Cap Value stock - invests in small and mid-sized US companies found in the Russell 2500 stock index

If you desire a more personal approach to investment management, consider contacting Harmonic Investment Advisors at (208) 947-3345 or via email at info@harmonicadvisors.com.

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