back to basicsHarmonic Investment Advisors is a boutique, research-driven investment management firm specializing in customized asset allocations of IRA’s, retirement plan rollovers, college funds, and most non-qualified accounts for individuals and families.   Led by Kevin A. Jones, CFA, who has over 25 years of industry experience, Harmonic’s insistence on “Integrity, Independence and Insight” helps clients profit from partnering with a company that works as hard to protect and grow client assets, as our clients worked to earn those assets.

Unique benefits:

Greater Independence- As an Idaho Registered Advisor, we’re not part of a brokerage firm, bank or insurance company with their own in-house products and services to sell.  We create our own intellectual capital and remove the middleman – stockbroker, banker, insurance agent or mutual fund sales agent – from the process, so our clients receive a core strategy tailored specifically for them. 

Our Interests Aligned with Yours- Our compensation is based on a percentage of assets under management, so our success is directly linked with that of our clients.

Accountability and Focus- We are registered with the Idaho Department of Finance and thus have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of our clients.  Also, the principal of the firm holds the CFA designation, which emphasizes ethics and client-centered management.

A proven approach to investment management

circleAt Harmonic, we understand that our clients seek greater financial security though rigorous unbiased investment selection.   Our team uniquely combines proprietary bottom-up security specific analysis with top-down macroeconomic research to create the intellectual capital that drives every portfolio we construct.  Through this research, strategy, and filtering process – techniques usually reserved for large institutions like pension funds and foundations— our clients benefit from the ideas in which we have the highest conviction.

Through the creation of proprietary strategies comprised of individual securities and the use of exchange traded funds (ETFs) that provide exposure to stocks, bonds, commodities, and real estate investment trusts (REITs), we have created multiple asset allocation models to achieve optimal diversification.   By teaming with Harmonic, our clients are assured that the unique aspects of their situation are considered; and their resulting portfolio is appropriately constructed and monitored.

Economic & Market Research

At Harmonic Investment Advisors, we don’t trade on hot-tips or rumors, try to “time the market” or get our information from talk show pundits in a far-off city telling us which in-house mutual fund to buy or sell.  As an investment research firm, we create our own intellectual capital by doing original research.  We devote our time to thinking about economic changes and the impact those shifts have on our clients’ portfolios.  We scour the marketplace to uncover the best investment opportunities; drilling down deep on each position.


It all comes down to communication.  Since we do the research, choose the investments, and design the portfolio mix, we can speak directly with our clients about why they own what they own and address questions about every facet of their portfolio.  Further, our focus on creating customized portfolios requires that we communicate effectively with clients; and our emphasis on integrity demands transparency in our reporting and business practices.

A Trusted Relationshipmission

Since each situation is unique, we start by looking at your entire financial picture.  We have the integrity to act in your best interest, the independence to create the right portfolio structure to achieve your goals, and the insight to know what works.

Estate Planning

HIA encourages coordination with your attorney and CPA to transfer assets to family and the charities of your choice.  We openly refer our clients to estate planning attorneys and CPA’s as needed.

Charitable Giving

Through our extensive work with non-profit organizations, Harmonic Investment Advisors is adept at working with our clients’ chosen charity, endowment, or foundation to formulate an asset mix to achieve optimal longevity and tax efficiency.


Harmonic’s Portfolio Allocations

At Harmonic, we manage portfolios for our clients that use both active and passive securities.

Asset Allocation Portfolios

Our asset allocation portfolios use passive exchange traded funds that provide a cost effective way to participate in each market segment and has been built to suit each individual investor’s risk tolerance.  We offer six portfolio allocations that are continually managed and periodically rebalanced to take advantage of our proprietary research. The goal of the asset allocation portfolios is to outperform the benchmark relevant to each client’s risk/return profile with a minimum of cost and maximum transparency.

Strategies include:

Aggressive Growth



Conservative Balanced


Income Preservation

Stock Portfolios

In addition, Harmonic also manages two proprietary actively traded stock strategies.  These are reserved for those clients wishing to have more active money management for a portion of their overall portfolio with the potential to out-perform relative benchmarks within these strategies.

US Large Cap Value stock- invests in large US companies found in the Russell 1000 Value stock index

US Smid Cap Value stock - invests in small and mid-sized US companies found in the Russell 2500 Value stock index

If you desire a more personal approach to investment management, consider contacting Harmonic Investment Advisors at (208) 21-8059 or via email at

1020 West Main Street. Suite 100C. Boise, ID 83702          (208) 921-8059


Investment Advisor Agreement

Plain Language ADV Part 2

HIA Privacy Notice

CFA Code of Ethics


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